Insurance in the Philippines is ripe for disruption.

Despite insurance being a giant industry in the Philippines, life insurance penetration remains low. This is because of how much this sector is technologically underdeveloped. As a result, people delay getting insurance because they find the whole process difficult and frustrating.

How might we make the process easier for Filipinos? Enter InsurePlus: a special membership program where people can get life insurance from all the top providers in the country.

As the design lead (while just being an intern!), I:

  • established branding and design system
  • designed entirety of customer UX: mobile-friendly landing page + e-mail experience, along with ads & pubmats for social media marketing. this extended to designops as well, having to create an automation workflow for one of our core offerings.
  • also took on a product role through conducting user + industry research and creating specs

I constantly iterated designs as pivots were made in our product and marketing strategy, helping the venture find product-market fit.

Due to my NDA, I cannot disclose much about my work. For more details on this project, please contact me through my e-mail.