Developh is a student-led nonprofit accelerating technology & experiences for social good. One of our initiatives is running an online community for budding technologists & creatives in Southeast Asia. Our members mainly reside in our Facebook group, where we share events & programming (e.g. internships, talks, hangouts, mentorship).

At the time of this research, the group had tons of untapped potential. Most of our projects were sparked from our intuitive urges, but we weren't sure if these catered to the needs of our target audience. Because of this, we wanted to conduct foundational research that would empower us to make data-driven decisions in the future.

How can we make being part of Developh Community a more meaningful experience?

  • by improving how we engage and educate our members online
  • by strengthening the identity of the community

I led the Developh team in conducting user research.

First, we created a survey. Questions were centered around themes of identity, experience, and structure, taken from the Community Canvas framework. This was then disseminated in the Facebook group. We then contacted respondents who opted in for a 1-hour interview. Finally, the Developh team worked together to analyze and cluster the data we gathered through affinity mapping.

Before & after clustering

I then turned our findings into insights.

Once clustering was done, I created diagrams, personas, and journey maps to consolidate our insights. Everything was collated in a comprehensive Notion document for the members' reference.


Growth Loop

Community Funnel


Empathy Maps
Persona profiles

Journey Maps

Inquisitive Newbie
Hardcore Developer
Creative Advocate

Next Steps

Based on our insights, I recommended that Developh...

  • focus on initiatives supporting creation
  • engage constantly + intentionally with members
  • centralize information to make it more accessible for members

Since we our first round of interviews, the Developh community has grown enormously (from around 400 to 1000+ members!). Thus, we'll be conducting another round of interviews next year in order to get a better picture of our community. Stay tuned!