About Me

Hi! I'm Bianca Aguilar, a designer, artist, and (aspiring) educator from Manila, Philippines. My work revolves around education, innovation, and community in the digital realm.


Since high school, I've been designing for early-stage startups and prolific creators in the fields of technology, e-commerce, the arts, and more. Outside of work, I create experiences that nurture budding creators in Southeast Asia. I do this at Developh (community nonprofit accelerating technology & experiences for social good) and User Experience Society (school-based organization advocating for human-centered design). If it wasn't obvious enough, I'm passionate about teaching others; in the past year, I've given 10+ talks/workshops about design, art, and career development!

When I'm not teaching, I'm learning myself. I'm currently a sophomore at the Ateneo de Manila University, where I'm majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with tracks in Information Design and Computer Science: Programming (cool, right?). Outside of school, I avidly participate in fellowships that help me develop into a better person and technologist. I recently completed the Introductory Fellowship of Effective Altruism Blue and the Reboot Student Fellowship.

Right now, I'm trying to work on my passion projects more! Currently, I'm writing at Cathexis, my personal newsletter where I ponder humanity's relationship with technology, and helping build Penge.design, an open-source hub for Filipino illustrations. I'm also dancing constantly and reading/playing through my backlog.


Tech anthropology & philosophy

Technology is such a huge influence on our lives, yet we are barely aware of it. And it's not neutral; in the wrong hands, it can steal time, warp perception, manipulate feelings...I can go on and on (hello, social media!). I seek to understand our relationship with technology so that I can advocate for it to be humane.

Human learning

Ever since I was young, I've been a voracious reader. This has been the foundation of my identity as a polymath and philomath. Now, I'm always nerding out about knowledge management (currently trying to build my second brain!) & the future of education.

Fitness, wellness, & dance

As someone who can barely sit still, dancing (mainly contemporary styles) and lifting weights is so therapeutic for me. Eating cleanly has also been one of the most effective life decisions I made, and I'm always interested in learning about how we can live healthier. This applies to mental health too.

Woo-woo psuedoscience

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, the uncanny way these practices describe the human psyche has always been intriguing to me. So far, I've studied tarot, astrology, and Human Design (If you're curious, I'm a Libra Sun, Aries Moon, and Virgo Rising. And a Manifesting Generator!).

Dungeons & Dragons

I'm not the best player (more of a roleplayer than a min-maxer), but I still enjoy weekly sessions with my friends! I lean towards tanky classes like the Barbarian and the Paladin (says a lot about my personality...lmao).


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